The Council Of Graduate Students (COGS) at Michigan State University proud to announce its Sixth Annual Graduate Academic Conference (GAC), taking place on March 27, 2022. The GAC is open to Graduate and Professional students of ALL academic fields with the purpose in mind of cultivating connections within and across disciplines.

The primary goal of the conference will be to give graduate and professional students the opportunity to present their work to a diverse and educated community, promote interdisciplinary networking, aid in the development of public speaking skills, and encourage collaboration.

Presenters may choose to participate in:

Three-minute dissertation competition

Ten-minute themed research presentations

Poster presentations

We are also excited to announce that Jorge Cham, renowned lecturer and the creator of PhD Comics will be our keynote speaker. In his talk, Cham talks about his own experience as a graduate student, and discusses the stress, guilt, and humor of this chosen academic path. All participants in the conference are invited to come to this keynote lunch.

Abstracts must be no more than 300 words and should be submitted by Friday, December 20, 2013. For more information on the presentation types and registration, please visit the registration page.


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Michigan State University's 

Council Of Graduate Students 

March 27, 2022