Welcome to the homepage for the 2012 Graduate Academic Conference. This website will serve as your main source of information regarding the conference. Planning is under way for this year's conference. As plans are solidified be sure to check back for more information. Currently, applications are being accepted for this year's conference, which will be on Friday, March 30th in East Lansing. Check out the FAQ tab to answer all your questions about the conference and then submit your application to participate and take advantage of the opportunity to develop your presentation skills and have a chance to win monetary awards and prizes!
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The goal of the Graduate Academic Conference (GAC) is to showcase both completed and ongoing research. Already completed and ongoing research projects will be presented in poster and short oral presentation format at the conference. Graduate students are challenged to translate what might be highly technical language into a description that is easily understood by members of the general public who may be less familiar with their research area. The GAC awards several monetary prizes that reflect the graduate student’s success at this translation. Prize totals are subject to the number of submissions and will be announced closer to the date of the conference.
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The Graduate Academic Conference is an open admittance conference with time slots filled on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline to apply is Monday, January 23, 2012. In the past, all applicants have been able to participate, but depending upon demand, the deadline may be moved to an earlier date. Poster and short oral presentations are accepted, but due to space limitations oral presentations typically fill faster than poster presentations. Submissions for oral presentations may be shut down prior to January 23. The competitive portion of the conference is the actual judging of poster and oral presentations for monetary prizes. To apply to the conference please go to the apply tab.
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