3-Minute Dissertations

This innovative form of presentation has been used as an exercise to develop academic presentation skills. The presenter is challenged to convey the purpose and merit of their research in a format that is appropriate to an educated, non-specialist audience within a strict time limit. Learn more about this presentation style, advice on how to create one, and how to sign up!

You can also see the examples of such presentations:

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10-Minute Themed Presentations

This longer presentation has been a traditional feature of the Graduate Academic Conference. Instead of the traditional focus on fields, the presentations will be structured by broad interdisciplinary themes to allow for increased discussion, collaboration and networking.
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Poster Presentation

This visual format of presentation will follow the same general guidelines as the oral presentations of presenting in an approachable, general format that can be understood by a non-specialist, educated community.
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Michigan State University's 

Council Of Graduate Students 

March 27, 2022