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Jewelry must have - how to choose the best spring accessories?

March, April, and May have always been a time of rebirth, joy, and fertility. So, in this period, jewelry that embodies your attractiveness, courage, charm, tenacity, desire for self-development, and awareness of the latest fashionable novelties will be a welcome surprise for relatives, friends, colleagues or yourself. But what do such creations look like? Read and find out! Or if you are ready to proceed with the order, then go to the yantar.ua site and our managers will help you with all the questions and difficulties that arise.

Янтарный «Цветок»

What will be fashionable in the spring of 2023?

Thousands of creative projects have been invented for women, but designers never cease to surprise, delight and, to some extent, shock the public. Sources of inspiration are modern history, "loud" events, achievements of science and technology, reinterpreted concepts of past years. So, what is offered to your attention this season?

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at fresh collections is the intricate combinations of textures, playing with materials and social norms. Rough leather and airy guipure, multi-tiered lush drapery from delicate chiffon and cotton denim, pleats and belts, rivets and buckles on soft knitwear, skull bead in an exquisite cocktail dress code - any experiments are appropriate. Jewelers are just as inventive: impeccably polished surfaces are replaced by relief and sculptural ones, and smoothly polished stones are carved, reminiscent of Roman cameos. In addition, the range of raw materials used in premium accessories has expanded – white gold is complemented by inserts made of ceramics and stabilized wood, rubies and sapphires are adjacent to democratic quartz, citrines and phyaniites, and a unique pendant made of natural amber is attached to a waxed cord.

«Цветок и череп»

Current patterns and ornaments – from Ukrainian embroideries to French lace and Polynesian tattoos. They are applied to clothes, bags, shoes, earrings, necklaces, and rings. At the same time, such decor can be either a geometric scheme of repeating patterns, or eccentrically luxurious, in the spirit of floral, animalistic, and abstract compositions of modern and art deco. How is it implemented in jewelry? Inlaying with small pebbles, filling with enamel, painting, filigree (a thin twisted wire soldered to the product), blacking (engraving with hollows filled with a contrasting alloy), or three-dimensional shaped forging - masters use all known techniques and constantly invent new ones.

Taking into account the impending summer heat, crop tops, jeans, pants and skirts with a low fit, slits, necklines, mini and midi lengths are reappearing in everyday life. And to emphasize the beauty of tanned skin, products made of shimmering gems and noble silver will help (in the warm season, it is much better than other metals due to its bactericidal and antiseptic qualities). Necklaces, bracelets (by the way, they are increasingly fastened on the wrists, ankles and ankles at the same time), pins, brooches, rings - light outfits in monochrome or pastel colors allow you to combine several little things, creating picturesque ensembles. And if you are primarily focused on convenience, try on earrings - miniature "carnation" earrings or neat "office" specimens with French locks. They will fit into both business and everyday outfits.

Another popular trend is translucency, glow and shine, which bring a flair of magic and mystery to your image. Enchanting reflections can come from sequins and rhinestones (not only evening dresses are sprinkled with them, but also skinny jeans, pantyhose and work boots), as well as from author's accessories made of hardened iridescent resin. Natural amber has a non-uniform texture, where clear, like glass, and matte areas are intertwined. Because of this, some particularly remarkable samples are called landscape, because inside them it seems that the boundless universe is hiding. However, even the more common monochromatic creamy-white, golden, ocher and cognac Polish gems will still shine with real sunlight - it will shade the beauty of your face, highlight your eyes and hair, and hide the signs of fatigue.

Those who prefer utilitarianism and practicality will definitely like the "sport chic" and "total denim" bows - they are comfortable in everyday life, easily adapt to the weather and your needs, and go well with basic and casual style. And to balance such an image, a bright flower ring, an original choker or a long necklace with a pendant will come in handy. On the background of blue or blue fabric, creations in yellow, orange, red and olive-green palette will look spectacular - a perfect balance between monotony and variety.

Those who are tired of very sharp colors will be pleased with the triumphant return of Gothic - the well-known TV series "Wednesday" played its role in this. "Torn" cut, corsets, blouses with ruffles and lacing, long hems, layering, standing collars, frogs - elements of this style are quite easy to integrate into your usual entourage. And to add a "raisin" to it, you will need creations in dark tones - purple-red, brown-red and impenetrable black.

But the famous sociological organization "Pantone", which analyzes the tastes and moods of buyers every year, is sure that the main idea of spring-summer'23 will be the intention to break free from patterns and stereotypes and rise above the crowd. It is recommended to draw strength for such transformations from living nature. Hence the TOP-10 trendy colors, including beet-purple, garden pink, orange, peach, honey and toning yellow-green. But the naturalistic theme is not limited to pigments - the central place on the catwalks is occupied by products in the form of flowers, herbs, leaves, vines, trees, garlands and vines. There are such in the online catalog of our company, and now you will get to know them in more detail!

Pantone 2023


Jewelry flowers - symbolism and properties

The ability of fragile plants to withstand severe frosts, storms, floods and other trials has long fascinated people. The first sprouts emerging from the ground and the buds blooming on bare branches marked the end of the cold and the upcoming harvest, on which survival depended - no wonder that this moment was eagerly awaited and celebrated in legends, myths, and tales. Every seedling, shoot, fruit had an esoteric interpretation. They were considered powerful amulets that protected against physical and spiritual dangers, and a spectrum of magical characteristics was attributed to this or that object. Here are a couple of them:

The rose is one of the oldest totems. In Christianity, it embodies the victory over death and suffering, in Islam - mercy and blood shed for the triumph of truth, in Buddhism - the path to Nirvana, and in Hinduism and Zoroastrianism it is associated with the female beginning and the spherical cosmic structure of the universe. In general, the interpretations are extremely diverse and often contradictory: among them are mystery, chastity, romance, sensuality, bravery, endurance, sophistication, propensity for creativity, charm, prudence and dozens of others.

Кулон резьбленный из янтаря «Роза»

The water lily is highly respected in the East. So, in Bangladesh (a country in South Asia) it is displayed on the national coat of arms and is an allegory of a righteous, moral life, and in China it is an emblem of peace, self-confidence and self-control. Incorruptible politicians and officials were compared to royal flowers - as if they did not succumb to worldly temptations and corruption in the same way that elastic petals repel dirt. It is interesting that similar beliefs were found in ancient Egypt - temple columns and frescoes in the form of half-opened white buds hinted at the piety of priests and closeness to the gods. And in Kyivan Rus, water lilies were called "conquering grass" - they scared away evil spirits, liars, brawlers, miscreants, thieves and robbers;

Серебряный кулон с янтарем «Водяная лилия»

Clover is the personification of the unity of the four elements, luck, happy and easy fate. It opens the door to the afterlife, nurtures the basic religious values in the soul - faith, hope and love, prevents disasters, difficulties, the collapse of your plans;

Серьги серебряные «Четырелистный клевер»

But for a beneficial effect, plant charms should be carried with you everywhere - and to guarantee their strength and durability, such small things began to be made of precious stones, enhancing their potential with the positive influence of the gem.






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