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  Ongoing Research

The Ongoing Research Room is a forum for graduate and professional students to gain professional skills and receive feedback on ongoing research.

What are the goals of the Ongoing Research Room?
One goal of the GAC is to help graduate and professional students gain experience presenting and talking about their academic research.  The Ongoing Research Room is designed as an opportunity for graduate and professional students to hone their professional skills and receive feedback about ongoing work.  The work presented here can be less polished or finished than that presented in the Showcase room

The main purpose of the forum will be to provide graduate students and students with the opportunity to present their work to specialists of various groups, help in the development of public speaking skills, demonstrate the skills of write my research proposal and encourage cooperation.

Who is eligible to present in the Ongoing Research Room?
The Ongoing Research Room is open to all graduate and professional students with academic work in any stage—from idea and theory development, to study design, to analysis, etc.  The Ongoing Research Room is intended to be an opportunity for professional development and feedback on ongoing research.

What format does my research need to be in to present in the Ongoing Research Room?
The Ongoing Research Room is accepting posters and oral presentations.  All applicants wishing must submit a 200 word summary (short abstract) for the program booklet. If the poster submission is accepted, the presenter must prepare a conference-like poster and a short (4 minute) presentation that explains the research in language accessible by the general public. This talk will be given to the judges as they circulate the Ongoing Research Room; a further 2 minutes will be alloted for questions. Please note that these time limits are firm and are one of the criteria upon which presenters will be judged.   If the oral presentation is accepted, presenters must then prepare a 10-12 minute oral presentation of their research. As with poster presentations, this time limit is firm.

How will so many different projects be judged?
The graduate and professional students projects will be judged on the success of their presentation skills. Graduate and professional students who receive the highest marks from the judges will be awarded monetary prizes at the Awards Reception. 

Who will judge?
Posters and short oral presentations will be judged by a small group of faculty, MSU community members, and other graduate and professional students.  Each block (set of two sessions) will have its own group of judges who will tour around the posters, listening to each presentation and marking down scores for each project.  The scores from all the judges in each block will be summed and awards will be determined based on these marks. The awards will be presented at the Awards Reception at 6:00 pm.

Where can I apply?
Click here to submit your application to the Ongoing Research Roomelectronically.  The GAC is open for application submissions starting January 10th, 2010 and closing February 26th, 2010.






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