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  COGS presents Graduate Academic Conference

The second annual GAC will be held March 26th, 2010 on the first floor of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

The Graduate Academic Conference (GAC) is a forum for MSU graduate and professional students to present their academic work to the larger MSU community.  Organized and implemented by the MSU Council of Graduate Students (COGS) with the support of MSU colleges and stakeholders, the GAC provides a way for graduate and professional students from different disciplines to share ideas. 

The goals of the GAC are two-fold and are achieved in two slightly different formats.  First, already completed, quality research will be presented in poster and short oral presentation format in the Showcase Room of the conference.  The graduate student is challenged to translate what might be highly technical language into a description that is easily understood by the general public.  The GAC awards several monetary prizes that reflect the graduate student’s success at this translation.

Second, graduate and professional students with ongoing research in less formalized stages are invited to present posters or short oral presentations as well.  The Ongoing Research Room offers a forum for graduate and professional students to hone their presentation skills while receiving feedback on continuing research.  The GAC awards monetary prizes to the best presentations in this category.

All MSU graduate and professional students are welcome to apply.  The research to be presented must have been conducted by the graduate student while he/she was enrolled at MSU. Graduate and professional students may collaborate with others on a single entry.

Benefits of participating in the GAC:

  • Increase professional skills in presentation and communication
  • Share ideas with the MSU community
  • Build curriculum vitae for future career
  • Compete for monetary prizes





  msu cogs This event is brought to you by COGS and Michigan State University.