10-Minute Themed Presentations


This longer presentation has been a traditional feature of the Graduate Academic Conference. The goal of these presentations is similar to the three-minute presentation, in that the presenters are expected to coherently summarize their research to a non-specialist, educated audience. Instead of the traditional focus on fields, the presentations will be structured by broad interdisciplinary themes to allow for increased discussion, collaboration and networking. Attendees will have the opportunity to suggest potential themes or choose one of the topics provided by essays writers from https://essayswriters.com/. The best presentation from this event will present their research at a Board of Trustees meeting and receive a prize.

Themes: In order to propose the theme of your paper, when you register please include some general keywords. Potentially themes are health, sustainability, change, food, history, gender, environment, digital methods, etc. Try to think more broadly about your work when coming up with themes.


Ten Tips for Academic Talks:


How to Present Science to the Public from Purdue University:


Art of the Conference Paper by Alessandro Angelini:







Michigan State University's 

Council Of Graduate Students 

March 27, 2022